MBN Clinical Laboratory Research Projects

MBN CLinical laboratories is a non government medical institution that specialises in laboratory chek ups that are to aid treament sof patients of all kinds of diseases including Organ Transplant tests.

Research Projects

MBN Clinical Laboratories has well organized laboratory research facilities to fit your project. The main targets are Ph.D. and Masters level students and senior researchers in public and private institutions within and outside Uganda.
Our research agenda is to advance research using Microbiology and PCR Technology in Uganda and the African region. Advanced Chemistry projects and hormone assay-based are also handled.
Completed Research projects

  1. PCR detection of M. tuberculosis in CSF from patients suspected to have TB Meningitis
  2. PCR Diagnosis of MRSA using the mecA gene in isolates of S. aureus
  3. PCR diagnosis of ESBL gram negative bacteria among isolates from Urinary tract infections

Ongoing Research projects

  1. Immunofluorescence detection of Respiratory Syncytial viruses (RSV) in Nasopharyngeal specimens of children with upper respiratory symptoms
  2. PCR speciation of mycobacteria isolates from pulmonary and extra pulmonary TB.
  3. PCR diagnosis of N. gonorrhea and Chlamydia trahomatis in self-collected genital specimens
  4. Detection of Insulin-Growth Factor -1 in blood specimens
  5. HLA DR1-6 Typing in patients with cardiovascular diseases.
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