How Much do I Pay for DNA Testing?

UGX 385,000/= or $100 Per sample for Paternity/Maternity Tests.


How Long does it Take to Get DNA Results?

  • 3-5 working days
  • Express Results take 12 – 24 hrs but are charged double.

Which Samples are Tested?

Blood or mouth swab or any part of the
person’s body.


How are the Samples Collected?

  • Plan A: Father and/or mother plus child visit MBN
    Clinical Lab, consents to DNA testing, and
    the samples are collected.
  • Plan B: Call MBN for sample collection from your
  • Plan C: Collect your own sample and ship it to MBN.
    For guidance, call, email or WhatsApp MBN.


What are the Requirements?

A passport-size photograph and/or a signed
on and dated copy of a State-issued ID
document bearing a photo e.g. National ID,
Passport, Driving permit.

Is Prenatal DNA Testing Done at MBN

YES! MBN does DNA Testing to match an
unborn fetus/baby with the alleged father. A
mother’s sample is also tested as a requirement.

How Accurate are the DNA Results
from MBN Lab?

  • 99.99% if DNA Results match
  • 100% if DNA Results don’t match