Welcome to MBN Clinical Laboratory


'MBN Clinical Laboratories' Is located in Kampala Uganda. Our core function is to offer Medical Laboratory Diagnostic Services. The laboratory is a centre of excellence in infectious diseases diagnostics. We apply DNA-based tests (Molecular diagnostics), culture and drug sensitivity, immunological tests and histopathology to diagnose infectious dieseases such as HIV, Malaria, TB, Brucella, Syphillis, Typhoid, Gonorrhea, Diarrhea, etc from patient samples. Samples can be collected by your doctor and sent to us or you can walk in and have your sample collected by us. We are located at plot 28 Nakasero Road Kampala, Uganda....


Mbn Clinical labs does offer the following services; Microbiology Diagnostic Tests PCR Tests DNA Parternity Testing Haematology Tests Clinical Chemistry Tests Histopathology Research Projects Laboratory Consultancy services


Mission:    To apply state of the art science and technology in the provision of professional laboratory diagnostic services.

Vission:    To be a centre of excellence in Medical Laboratory Diagnostics with a focus on Infection and PCR/Molecular Diagnostics in Africa.

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