DNA Testing is an accurate method for determining the biological relationship between individuals. The commonest form of DNA testing include:

  1. Peace of Mind/Personal DNA Testing: This done if the Father is not sure if he is the child’s biological father or the Mother/Relatives are not sure of Child’s biological father OR even when there’s Doubt about child’s biological mother.
  2. Legal DNA Testing – Order from Community Leaders, Child / Family Police, Probation Officers, Family Help NGOs, Magistrates, Administrator General, Court Judges, e.t.c.
  3. Immigration/Emigration DNA Tests – Usually ordered by Embassies or Immigration authorities Worldwide e.g. the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) as a requirement for confirming biological relationships between potential immigrants.
  4. DNA Profiling – Any person or family member can just walk in and have their DNA profiled. In case a newcomer is brought to the family e.g. after death, it is easy to confirm/dismiss a biological relation between the new comer and the family member(s).
  5. DNA Y-Chromosomal Male Relationship Testing – Done between alleged male relatives e.g. between two alleged brothers, or between paternal uncle and nephew to tell if boy belongs to that male lineage / clan.