With a motto “Here for quality” MBN clinical Laboratories offers a whole range of services inclusive but not limited to;

COVID-19 PCR TESTING. (We charge UGX 240,000 per sample – Results within 12 – 24 hours. But also do an express test at UGX 480,000 per sample – Results in 4 – 6 hours) Note: If testing for travel purposes a copy of your passport is required!


Option 1. Visit any of our MBN branches for sample collection,

Option 2. Call MBN for free sample collection at home or office as long as it is within 15km from MBN premises.

DNA TESTS (DNA Paternity Testing at 320,000 per sample (Results in only 24 hours or 3 – 5 days, DNA Relationship Testing (e.g Paternal Uncle with Nephew), HEPATITIS B, C, A & E VIRUS TESTS, CLINICAL CHEMISTRY TESTS, HAEMATOLOGY, CULTURE AND SENSITIVITY, PCR TESTS, CONFIRMATORY TESTS (Typhoid, Brucella, Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis C. e.t.c)